Meet the Students – Liam

What is your testimony?

I was born and raised in New Zealand. Even though I grew up in a solid Christian home, church, and homeschooling setting, I wanted nothing to do with God and longed to get out and away from it all, being free to live my life my way. God, however, placed some key people in my life who never gave up on me, and through their lives, I was able to finally see how much I hated the way I was living and how much I needed God. So I came to faith at 19. It’s been a rocky road, but God has grown me a lot, especially in recent years.

How did you end up at Ethnos?

Over time God led me into missions training with Ethnos, first online, then at Ethnos360 Bible Institute in Wisconsin, America, and now at the missionary training centre in Durham, Canada. I was originally not too fond of the idea of dropping my life at the time and going into what is possibly one of the hardest jobs out there. Yet over time, God chipped away the excuses. Now when I look back, I only see His hand in it and have no regrets. I look forward to whatever He has in the future, as daunting as it can look at times. I am amazed how many people out there have no access to the gospel in their own language, and no one going to give it to them. I by no means feel adequate or suited for this job, but God has shown me the call to go is for everyone. He has opened up the doors for me to come here and learn how to go cross-culturally. I hope to encourage you all with this testimony and maybe even tempt some of you reading this into stepping out and giving this a try yourselves.

The harvest is ready and all that is needed is willing people to go-see ya out there!