You need a minimum of 60 credit hours at a Bible college or university (typically two years of Bible training or the equivalent). Ethnos360 Bible Institute in Wisconsin (USA) exists to provide this Bible training with an emphasis on cross-cultural missions, but the requirement may also be met by other Bible or Christian college courses.

In specific cases, we might also accept equivalent (informal) training in a local church, or life experience. We invite you to talk with our Admissions Coach about your specific situation!

International Students

Along with similar-minded organizations in other countries, Ethnos Canada is part of an international network called ‘Global Partners’. Our training program is one of 8 others around the world that strive to provide the same training. As a Global Partner we are excited that you are considering our training program here in Canada.

Have you been in communication with a Global Partner member or leadership and your home church about your desire to be a part of your country’s Global Partner? If you have not had these conversations yet we highly recommend that you do. They will be thrilled to know that you are wanting to be a part of reaching the unreached with the Gospel, and to know that you are taking those next steps to be trained.

We are also thankful to be a Designated Learning Institution in the eyes of Immigration and Citizenship Canada to be able to receive you (Our Designated Learning Institution # isDLI#O111244519157).

International Student Eligibility Requirements

To learn about the process of being an international student and to see if you are eligible to study with Ethnos Canada as an international student, please visit the Canadian government’s website:

International applicants need to apply to our training and be accepted before applying for a Study Permit.

English Proficiency

International applicants from countries where English is not the official language must take a TOEFL iBT or TOEFL iBT Home Edition test (TOEFL = Test of English as a Foreign Language).

It is required that a minimum total score of 80 with a minimum score of 21 in the listening section be attained. Learn more at

Ethnos Canada’s code is B324.

Q&A — Admissions

You may have many questions related to coming to the training. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Admissions. If these questions or answers don’t quite help, please contact us and we would be happy to answer any other questions you may have!

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Fill out our ‘request info’ form and we’ll be in touch!

We see husband and wife as a team. Ministry life is not just for the husband or just for the wife. Therefore, we expect both husband and wife to participate in all of the classes and do the required homework. This means that wives must also meet the requirements described above (Bible education & English language proficiency).

"But we have children, how can my wife be in the classes?" Read about our Academy and the care of pre-schoolers.

Yes, we accept students from all over the globe. To learn more about the student visa process, contact our Admissions Team.

Visit Ethnos Canada’s website for our Statement of Faith and core values.