Q&A — Course Info

Q&A — Course Info

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Monday-Friday, from 8:00AM-12:00PM, students will be in the classroom unless it is a holiday or special event. Men, single women, and married women without children participate in the Afternoon Work Program on Mondays - Fridays from 1:30-5:00pm. We strongly encourage parents to rotate days watching their children. This will help maximize both of their involvement in the AWP program. The children enjoy time with both parents and both parents benefit from time working with their classmates.

The training is 2 ½ years in length unless the student has completed all the required Bible credits, in which case they would come for 18 months. Intakes are only in the Fall, and graduation is always in December.

Bible Intensive: September to August
Training: Fall – Spring – Summer Jungle Camp Practicum – Fall

The training centre is on the campus of Ethnos Canada, in the small town of Durham, Ontario. The campus is also home to Ethnos Canada's administrative offices, Ethnos Academy and Off the Grid.

We see husbands and wives as a ministry team, and both are engaged in the training program.

For families with small children, one parent may stay home from Afternoon Work Program to watch their kids. Often, wives choose to be home with the kids most afternoons, but we strongly encourage husbands to trade off with their wife and watch the kids at times so that she can take part in Afternoon Work Program.

This sharing of responsibilities between the husband and wife is often how families handle culture/language study on the field, and we see this as a training ground for future ministry contexts. The social interaction and teamwork practiced in Afternoon Work Program is an important aspect of ministry.

During class hours, all women take turns assisting with the care of young children (ages 0-3). Pre-arrival training with Plan To Protect is required, and a child care meeting will be arranged before the start of the semester.