Q&A — Student Life

Q&A — Student Life

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There are many churches in Durham and the surrounding area that welcome students. The amount that one could be involved is only limited to the amount of time one is able to put into it. Many students have created good and lasting relationships with the churches they attended during their time in the training.

No pets are allowed, except for small, flushable fish.

Apartments are proved to rent at low cost (rent is paid alongside tuition costs) for students going through the training. Your apartment will be furnished with a stove and refrigerator, dining table and chairs, couch and chairs for the living room, beds (we do not provide cribs), and dressers. There may also be some desks available. If you decide to bring your own furniture, let us know so we can remove excess furniture from your apartment before your arrival. Please note that waterbeds are not permitted unless special permission is given.

There is a central laundry facility located on campus, as the student apartments do not have hook-ups for having your own washing machine or dryer.

You should bring, or be prepared to buy, your own dishes, all kitchenware, items needed for housekeeping, a microwave, additional furniture you want beyond what is provided, and any decorations or rugs you’d like, as well as your own linens. There are some second-hand stores in town, and there may be some used household items and extra furniture available on campus, although this is not a guarantee.

Check out virtual tours of several of our apartments!

Yes, we encourage you to bring your new little one to class if they are not a disruption to the education of yourself and your fellow classmates. There are rooms off the classrooms where you can feed or care for them. When they begin to be fussy, we kindly ask you to begin taking them to Childcare. You are free to step out of class to go and feed them when it is needed.

We see Church Planting as a ministry your whole family should be invested in; therefore, we expect that husband and wife receive the same training. There will not be time for class and homeschooling. We are very willing to discuss this further with you if you have questions or want to hear more about our reasoning. 

Because so much of your time is spent in class, on Afternoon Work Program, completing homework, and involvement in a local church, please discuss a work opportunity with leadership. Helping someone out on the side (evenings or weekends) does not interfere with the training course.