Meet the Students ~ Robin and Maria

What is your testimony?

Maria is the youngest of 5, born to believing parents who, to this day, are godly examples of how to have a relationship with God and serve others in love. When she was 5, her mom explained the gospel to her after a prayer meeting at church, and Maria believed, becoming a child of God. As she grew up, she understood more and more about who God is and what He has done for her. God drew her closer to himself even through difficulties with friends in school and challenges through her teen years. 

Robin was born the second of three boys to parents who taught them many good things, but are not believers. He understand that there was a God as a child, but it wasn’t until he went to a teen group that he heard the gospel and believed in Jesus. A year later, he wanted to show his family and others that he was a child of God through baptism. 

How did you end up at Ethnos training? 

During the early days of their relationship, Robin asked Maria about becoming missionaries overseas. This was a big deal for Maria, who grew up practicing that being with family is really important. But God was leading and after getting married, they spent two weeks in Thailand but still wanted to go further. So, they went to Asia Pacific for 6 months to live among a tribal group. Amongst helping the missionaries with homeschooling and maintenance jobs, they experienced what it was like to live as a missionary family and were encouraged to train to reach unreached people groups. So, they trusted God and took the first step: going to Bible school in England. Now, they continue to trust the Lord as they moved to Canada with their daughter to take missionary training. 

 “Am I putting my family in danger? No! The safest place is the presence of God and true fulfillment is found in obedience and dependence on Him.” ~ Robin and Maria