Meet the Students – Katie

How did you end up at Ethnos Training?

My name is Katie Wright, I grew up as a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea. I was saved at age 11 after finally realizing my desperate need for a Saviour. I always assumed having grown up on the mission field, that that was where I would end up as well because that’s what I thought was expected of every missionary kid. Little did I know that was actually where God was leading me. That decision took a long sabbatical as I pursued my own desires, jumping from job to job, interest to interest, and place to place. God has patiently pursued my wandering heart to bring me to a place of surrender.

The question before me has been simple, “Katie, do you trust me with your heart and with your deepest longings and desires? Do you trust that what I have in store for you is far greater than what you could ever dream?” I ran from that question for a long time but slowly began to see the destructiveness of the heart that seeks its own desires above the Lord’s. I finally kneeled in surrender, and in August of last year, I began the process of applying to Ethnos Canada’s missionary training program. I’m excited to see where God leads in the next 18 months!

What is something that you have learned since training started?

Much of what I’ve been learning through the last six weeks has been how big this job really is, it’s too big for me. But He who is faithful has called me here, and He will be the one to do the work. It’s such a privilege to be able to partner with the God of the universe to reach His children with the Good News.