Meet the Students – Jadon & Bayley Abriel

Meet Jadon and Bayley Abriel (and little Monty)!

Jadon is from Nova Scotia. He grew up with godly parents and as the middle child of 3 siblings. He moved to Prince Edward Island in 2016 for college and chose a career in architectural engineering. As an active member at Charlottetown Bible Chapel, he grew in his faith and his desire to pursue God’s plan for his life. 

Bayley spent her early years growing up in New Jersey. After the 2008 economy crash, her family lost everything. Yet even in the struggle, they saw the Lord’s faithfulness and provision. After several moves, her family also ended up in PEI. Eventually, she met Jadon in their church’s college and careers group. It was in the midst of COVID lockdowns that they began spending large amounts of time together, and it wasn’t long before they were engaged and married!

In 2021, they came to Durham with some friends to attended Catch the Vision. They were amazed how much they didn’t know about reaching the unreached–the overall big picture, the vital importance of both goers and senders, and the wide variety of support roles that are essential to the missionary.

They felt that God was calling them into full-time missions.

Together, they’re embracing this calling after seeking wisdom from trusted mentors like the elders of their church and Tim and Kathy Whatley, veteran missionaries who had an impact in their lives. They’re excited to start this next chapter, to grow, and to serve for God’s glory alone. And they’re thrilled to connect with all their classmates and see how God works in and through each one.