Good Standing and Satisfactory Progress

Good Standing & Satisfactory Progress

You are required to remain in “good standing” in this program, and to make “satisfactory progress” toward the completion of the certificate’s requirements.

You are in good standing when you maintain the requirement of minimum grade performance in course work, maintained good class attendance, maintain regular meetings with your One-on-One leader(s), involvement in the local church, and participation in the community as outlined in the Domain of Relevance document.

Satisfactory progress refers to the speed and timeliness of progression through certificate requirements such as course work, examinations, and attendance.

Your progress will be reviewed during regular meetings with your one-on-one advisor who will also help to provide you with direction and counsel. You will also receive two separate written evaluations from your one-on-one advisor; one part way through the program and one at the end of the program. These evaluations will be added to your student file.

Your eligibility to continue in the program may be affected if you do not remain in good standing or if you do not make satisfactory progress.